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B i t t e r__a n d__B l a c k__
L i k e__M y__C o f f e e,__B i t c h!
"Why Angry, Queer Black Poets dont get Published bY Racist, Homophobic Morons!"c.

Analyse This
Nasty White Bitch!/
My Teeth,
Your Tits!/
You Cheesy, White Clit!/

My BlackAss __Wont Fry
This Time,
You Slime!/
Your Lies,
Your Crime/
You Narrow Ass Minds!/

You Want to hang back
Before You Attack/
Tuck in Your Shirt
Before You Get Hurt/.

You Analyse That

Black Bastards/
Master it
Faster or
Get Your Ass Plastered/
Dont Share In The Wealth/
Such Crap is Unhealthy so
Master Your Self/

You Quarter Past Nine
Past Fucking MoonRise, Bitch!/
Dont You Know,
What I know,
Upper Class Whore?/
Theres No Thrill
In My Skill
Dishing Your Trash!/
Dont You Know
Thats How I`m
Kicking Your Ass?/
Dont You Know
Why I am
Kicking Your Ass?/

(Didn`t Think So...................................
..............................Fear of A Black Faggot!)

Everywhere Underwear
Dirty with Shit/
Fucking My Homies
And Sucking Their Dicks/
You with the
Nerve to be
Arrogant Pricks/

Get The Fuck off
My Case!/..

Get The Fuck out
My Space!/..

Get The Fuck out
My Face!/...

and Memorize
(Tut Mir Lied?)

Analyse This!/

Black and White Bitches
and Bastards are Foul/
Sew You in Stitches
With Funky Ass Towels/
Cursing and Screaming
and Moving Your Bowels
Aint Art,
White Farts/
You`re Making Me Howl!/

You think
about that?/
You think about this!/
You Love-Nothing
Brainless Brown Pigs/

Everyone`s Underwear
Dirtied With Shit/
Getting My Homies off,
Stroking Their Dicks/
You and Those
Ignorant Twits!

You Hate Me
and Love Me
and Hate Me
and Love Me
and Hate Me
and Love Me

You Racist White Pig
Your Head Up Your Ass
SelfSucking Off Shit/

I made my own stand
and found as a Man
I gave my heart
to the art
Putting A Shine
on Loving My Brother and
Loving Mankind/

Everywhere Hatred From
Dominant Class/
Sucking My Homie Off,
Humping His Ass/
My Busting a
Got You
that Worked Up?/Shit!/

Go get Some
Pussy and
Leave Me alone, Prick!

(And Live and Let Live)/...

You Think Cuz Theres
More of You

Made a Big Whore
of the


Global Resources/

Run to The Store
for It

Cause You^ll Pay
More for

Your Shitty Ass
Low Self Esteem/

You^re A Whore For it/

Backwards Ass City Apes

Wreck The World

Feeling Great/

Greedy Ass Fuckers


Wipe up the floor

from Your Dirty Ass Plan

to rule the Whole World



Analyse That!/

Everywhere Hatred From
Dominant Class/
Getting My Homie off,
Humping My Shaft/
Fearless and Queer,
I`m Still Kicking Your Ass

So Maximize/
Analyse That,

Everywhere Politics,
Dirty As Shit/
Sucking My Homie,
While He`s Sucking My Dick!/
Racist White Homophobes
Taking A Shit/

So Memorize
(Tut Mir Lied?)

Analyse This!/....

18, September 2008
Zurich, Switzerland

"Nasty Little Creatures" # 27, "Bitter and Black Like My Coffee, Bitch!" copyright 2008

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