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F i n n e g a n

P o e t r y

P e r f o r m a n c e V i d e o s

Universal Greetings to you,
Finnegan here. I would like to take the time to warmly welcome you all to my new poetry website. Poetry has been a passion of mine for over twenty years. You will find a choice selection here of only The Cream of my work. I deal readily with themes of Repulsion and Desire, Love and Hate, Truth and Lies, Power and Passion, and Light and Darkness. In the past 20 years I have written 4 collections of Poems, from “I’m Not Afraid of the Dark”, “Dunkelheit” (Darkness), “De Verraderlijke Illusie van Keuze” (The Insidious Illusion of Choice) and finally "Les Petites Creatures Mechantes" (Nasty Little Creatures) all of which remain unpublished, and shall be featured prominently here. The first collection of poems took 12 years to complete, and contains 101 poems. The last three collections of poems were written abroad, where I am presently, and are both bilingual volumes of verse, in German and English, in Dutch and English, and in French and English.... Loving the Poetic Arts as I do, performing and writing freely without censorship, and making my creative point in any matter that I please, fair or foul, my goal here, boys and girls, is not merely to create pretty works of vanity press style quality, to appease my ego, but rather to truly reach people with my work through legitimate publication. Please, spread the word about me if you like what you see here, and feel free to contact me with any comments at finneganthepoet@yahoo.com. Publishers and serious inquiries only, please. Bear in mind also that I perform everything I write and that you will see here at this site, to a live audience, usually, having done this now for years. I am quite comfortable and at ease with it. But I'm not totally selfish with my creations, and would generously reccomend these poems for live performance--they were written not just to be read in silence, but to be read aloud! So by all means, go right on ahead, pick a scandalous poem for an unsuspecting audience, and let them have it! I live for that, and for that purpose you have my permission to perform them, as long as you let me know, and properly credit me. Would it be a surprise for you to learn that many of these poems are hard to perform well? Once you get over the creative difficulties on the theoretical level, there's the added challenge of delivering the intense emotions through the work on a physical level--many poets can write, but not as many can also perform. I work at both, considering it necessary for the art, and have been doing it now in three languages as well, working on including a fourth. The last poetry website I had however, gave one the completely the wrong idea about my work. I am not simply image-driven in it, but message-driven and inspired---- and though there were plenty of images in my last website, I feel simply that a poetry website should be poetry-heavy, not picture-heavy. I am not trying to solely promote the image of my flesh and bones here, but I am trying to connect with you, soul to soul, via inspiration, in a form of abstract creativity that occasionally borders on The Divine. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself--- that these poems are the rich fruit of my genius, the pure sweat of my honest efforts, and an excellent labour of love to be shared. If you truly fancy the Art of Poetry, respect it with Patience and Attentiveness, reflect upon it wherever it speaks personally to you, take note of the densely rich, or sparsely rich detail, (for Everything Rich in Vision does take some noticable and remarkable detail), and finally---formulate and absorb the messages that Vision asks of you through these works. There is a big picture here, honestly, and with a satisfying emotional payoff. Poetry is not a Sickness, and can inspire you with the truth. Poetry is not a Sickness, and can heal you in The Light….


Alles ist Liebe,
F i n n e g a n

e-mail: finneganthepoet@yahoo.com