(Arrogant White Assholes Inc)

You don't know me/I am not famous/and yet
Here I am again doing something ancient and creative/Ancient and creative,
Creating and creating/
and creating/
and You dont See Me because
to you
Reality has only a Gleaming White Face/and You don't Hear Me
because to You
Reality has only a purified, Petrified White Ear/
And to Your Fractured 2 Dimensional Sense
of Cosmetic Quality of Life
My Game Face
is much Too Black/
Much Too Potent and Black for
Hateful Racist

I know you/You're Famous/Everyone seems to know, or know of you/and yet
There You Are Drowning Me Out From View
With Your Hateful Weakness/Drowning Me Out From View with
The Despicable Weak Ideas
You believe are real,
which in Reality
are nothing but
a Sick and Separate Dream/and You believe
The World Is Yours Only
Because You Have A Proper Budget
and A Gleaming White Face/
But, as usual, as reflected in Your Lame Fashion Tastes,
Youré boring and
You have nothing intelligent to say
not Regurgitated and Ancient/
'Cause all you'll ever do
is Take Your Life
and Scream "Kiss My Lilly White Ass, Freak,
and Fuck You,
Kiss My Lilly White Ass
and Fuck You,
Hateful Racist
You/I'm so Not Impressed/

Everyone seems to know
where I'm coming from/Everyone/Because
I don't Live for you/Thank God/Because You dont think for me/
Thank God/And You Don't Work For Me,
Thank God,/
despite not having A Costly Education
like you/I would be everything you want me to be/Nothing and Nowhere/Everything
you want me to be/Nothing
and Nowhere/and I certainly wouldn't be
just a poet with My Life/I would be a braindead fucking Zombie and Robot/And Certainly if I had
waited and begged and asked for your hateful Jesusfreaked permission/to live my life
as free as God would have it
I wouldn't be living such a fabulous
Jet Setting GlobeTrotting Life of Freedom
and Light Now/No Thanks and All Thanks Due/To You/
Hateful Racist
Don't say I didnt try/Dont say I didn't try
and transcend and respect and love You
I tried/I really tried
God Knows I tried/I really tried
to love and respect and forgive You
but finally
I gave up entirely on you because,
finally I realised, and got a fucking clue

"You cannot love he who only hates and envies you
You cannot love she who only hates and envies you"

Because I hated what you made of my life when I tried to live with you,
I abandoned you/
Because I hated what you made of my life when I tried to live with you
I just said "Fuck You, too
and Fuck the Sick Joke you tried to make of Me and My Life
trying to run with me with your crazy
Arrogant White Assholes ( Incorporated ) Inc.

Fuck You,
Arrogant White Assholes/

You dont Rule the World/..
You only Dream
you do../

You don't rule My World/...
You only Dream
You do.../

15 July 2010,
Amsterdam, Holland

-_-F i n n e g a n