"My Design, Fiery Liquefied Molecules" c.

In the electric-splashed touch
of my brilliant timewarping
electronic mind
I am a lightingRod/
of Eternal Love/For the Intergalactic Love
of God/But by Basic Spiritual Relation
remain I/ Even Eyed
and ever calmly
a clever little highspeed streaking

Read Between Me and The Lines/Lines not drawn by Angry Ignorant
Electronic Fire/
There is no conflict but in Illusion/There is no
dream that but ends bitterly
in chaos and confusion/There can be
no Reality in
and of Destruction/Destruction
is a Dream/
Read Between the Lines/

I call above the Endless Rain of Human Misery and Sorrow
From All The Sky/
I call down the city-sweeping Tornado-Storms/From My Blazing Undeceived
in The TidalWaveStorm of my
Mind's Eye/

It's time to sweep clean of All Our Filthy Psychic SelfHatred
Filthies and Fouls Our Clear
Seeing Minds/It's time
to sweep clear and
free/And Honestly Clear The Air/For all time/

I call for the End of All Society/And The End of All Time/I call upon
the most powerful element
of Immortal Ancestral
Spiritual Water/Mixed with
screaming earth,
screaming winds
and screaming fires/To call from within Me
All Cities of the World
to sudden sleep
Beneath Extinction Level Event class
Tsunami Powered Mile high
Earthswallowing SeaWaves/

I beg you
take heed and escape!/
before you proudly drown yourself out/A Dark Storm of Spirit
Seek You the High Ground
Or Drown
In Mad Dreams of Insane Unreachable Desire/

In the eclectic touch
of Our Twin Minds
We believe,/We see plainly we are free/And
went we Gladly Past all physical Desire
To the endless source that is
Our Very Lifeforce and Life/

And so What We Believed then now
no longer matters/In the calm Certainty of
The Radiance that We are
We are free

Standing Corrected


In A strange star shower
of Inspiration/

But to Open The Golden Gates of Eternity

for every creative and open mind

The Unspeakable Ecstasy

of Joyous Union '
Beyond all space and time/...

and for every patient
and quiet mind

the Unbearable Ecstasy of
Joyous Union
with all
Twin Spirit Minds/

11 October 2010
Queens New York City, USA

Nasty Little Creatures # 35 "My Design, Fiery Liquefied Molecules" copyright 2010

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