"The Electrifying Instant of Enlightenment" c.

How Fleetly I fly
From Beyond The Mind's Eye/
And Beyond
My Mind's Eye/In a Rainbow of Timelessness
I free A Spirit
of All of it's Harmfulness/I Free My Spirit
of all of Its Dark Intent/I Free Your Spirit of
All of Its Harmfulness/I see
The Spirit's True Healing/
and Endlessness/Reborn
and Gladly Enlivened
in A Radiant Sea of Light/Endlessness/
Fly to A Radiant Sea of Light/
and In This Reflection/And I'm Stilled
and Serene/And in My
Mirror Reflected Perfection
I'm Calm and Serene/And In My Mirror Reflected Perfection, My Love/I'm Sweetly Serene/
I'm done with sick nightmares
and Horrible Dreams/
I'm done with sick nightmares
and Horrible Dreams/

If This be not
the shining singing truth
that would ever
set you free/Then at least
let this be
the unvarnished simple truth
that would achieve
exactly the same/For isn't
All recrimination and blame
but the
inescapable proof
You did what you thought
was done to you?/And it be
but your own blameless face of innocence/you seek
to lie/and cheat/and condemn/and deny/and righteously hate
to recognize/...

Mad Illusion/I
defy you/...

There are no Chains that can truly Hold Me
If I be
As Free
as I am In Eternity/If I be as Free as I am in A Reality
that is Free of Dreams/A Reality of Light
Where No Darkness can hide/

And All Slavery is The Nasty
Lazy Dream of Time/when You can take
and make something you can use to get something
and use something
that you really desparately need and want/that can take you and use you
and make you just as happy
without Love/
But All For Love's Sake/a mad plan to
that wont just turn on
and attack and enslave and
abandon you in the end?/
Good Luck, Lazy Dreamers/Good Luck
My Friends/

And In No Reflection
You're Blind and Unseen/
And In No Reflection
You're Blind and
Crave Dreams/Mad Illusions/I
deny You/and Reborn/Not
Defined by You/..

Beyond Dreams
I fly/

Sing with Me
Me Today/

Take Flight with Me
Angels/---Take flight
with Me
from Time/One Step is
all it takes /one simple step to cross over
from darkness and death,
madness, pain and lies /to
the Endless Calm, and Peace and Harmony
of The Eternally Beautiful and the Endlessly Enlightened/the Quiet
Peaceful Children of
Heaven within You/
who once sought empty, vapid spectacles
and now seek Higher-Self-directed miracles/and with
whom once
was utterly unidentified and denied/among you/..

Take Sight with Me
Angels/Take Sight
with Me/Today

of Our Home, Heart and Happiness
Reflected in our Immaculate Vision and Healed Perception
of Our Perfection/
and Our Needs Now of Nothing but
Eternity Come Universally to All at Once/And Needs of Nothing but Eternity come Universally
Home/and Sweep All Around Us/And in a holy instant of release/and saving State Of Grace/instantly
remove all our desires/
/and Inspire us/and awaken us forever and enlighten us/And Take Us
Forever Away
from All this darkness and sickness and death/and
take us Forever Away
from all this darkness and sickness and madness/and
take us
Forever Away
from all this darkness and sickness and death/....

to be reborn in
an Instant
of the Electrifying Enlightenment
of Mind/

11, October 2010
Queens/New York City, USA

Nasty Little Creatures # 34 "The Electrifying Instant of Enlightenment" copyright 2010

-F i n n e g a n