" The Hateful White Twisted Christian Society of Charity"

What can you do with a whole village full of nostril flaring,
snorting, nappy-headed black niggers?
How does one engage and observe them in their Natural Ghetto Terrain?
Play Basketball?
Wrong Answer!
Eat Fried Chicken, Collard Greens and Corn Bread?
Wrong Answer!
Play some Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Micheal Jackson, Prince and Stevie Wonder?
Wrong Answer!

What can you do with a whole boatload full of AIDS-ridden Booty-humping, dick-licking Faggots?
How does one observe them secretly in a Common Gay Setting like a big Gay Getaway Cruise to Majorca?
Secretly poison their bottled water supply, cause a happy Homo is a dead one?
Wrong Answer!
Taunt and Tease and Hate and Hound Them Constantly, and never give them A Moment's Peace
because you're straight, white and normal, and perfectly justified
in persecuting a dirty rotten faggot?
Wrong Answer!
Tell them endlessly how AIDS Infection is rising among blacks and hispanics,
so its okay to be a white bootylicking, butthumping homo,
as long as you use condoms?
Wrong Answer!

What does one do when visiting an ancient continent like Africa? How does one Behave?
Show Hostility and Disrespect by attempting to force a fascist
and ignorant form of Christianity
endlessly down the throats of The Locals?
Wrong Answer!
Enslave the Locals by robbing and exploiting them of all their natural resources
and not giving them a fair living wage in exchange?
Wrong Answer!
Enslave, Impoverish, Exploit and Deny the Richest, Most Ancient Cultures of Black People on Planet Earth?
Wrong Answer!
Enforce An Ancient Racism on Modern African Soil by invading all African Nations
with Timeless White Hatred
Fueled by Senseless Colonial Greed, and to this day, refusing to acknowlege or make Public Restitution
for a shocking, shameless history of Raving Racism and Unequality?
Wrong Answer!.

The Bible told me "Thou shall not Suffer a Filthy Nigger! To Hell with Them Niggers! To Hell"/
The Bible told me "Keep Jesus Blond Haired and Blue Eyed in the Holy Name of Church and Christ!
Jesus Christ, You''re Fucking Gorgeous and I'm Saving Myself Just For You,
Saving Myself Just For You, Jesus Christ,!
but only with Precious Blond Hair and Blue Eyes!"
The Bible told me "Thou shall not Suffer A Tree-Hugging, Cunt-Loving Lesbian Witch! To Hell
with all You Clit Loving, PussyLicking, Man-Hating Dykes! To Hell With You! Straight to Hell!"
The Bible told me to "Beat and Burn and Murder a Filthy Faggot when you see one,
and cleanse the world forever of such
Evil Homosexual Perversions and Filth
--Straight to hell with those Booty Humping Homos, Straight to Hell!"/
The Bible told me all this
All This and More/
and cause the Bible told Me So
All you fucking Niggers, Faggots and Dykes have Got to Go/
in Holy Exterminations and Blessed Executions in Modern Day 21st Century Neo-Concentration Camps!/
Murdering and Slaying In Jesus Christ's Holy Name/
Killing and Hating and Slaying in God's Holy Praise!/
Sweet Jesus, can you feel him? Can you feel his praise?
Can you feel his Sinister Inquisitional Praise
coming from such a hateful, hypocritical
Milk White Congregation?
Sweet Jesus! Its
but the Blood and Body of Christ
to be hated, beaten and broken down
over and over again/(Praise His Light!)

We're All Straight, Christian and White here,
so naturally,
we're all most excellent in the bitter
and brutal art of Self Denial and Self Sacrifice/
For Obviously...,

We Hate this Life,/...
For Obviously We hate Your Life./
Especially if its more Liberated than Ours,/ but we wait in Faith of Jesus Christ,/
and in His Holy Name,/ and again
but to Wait Vainly for God's Acceptance in the Next Life/
And so We Make All Present Life and Praise of God
A Living Hell and Living Death
And Living Sacrifice
For Everyone./and Everything
in our Hateful White Twisted Christian Society of Charity/
Praise Jesus!/Praise His Light/
He is really the AntiChrist, /and with Us, you are really in raging praise
of our sick human hatred and violently inhuman intolerance/

This is what makes you and everyone a miserable sinner
forever damned to hell, in desperate need of having
a miserable and loveless Jesus Christ as your personal saviour./

"For My God is a vengeful god, and comes not with peace, but with a sword
For My God is a vengeful god, and comes not with peace, but with a sword
For My God is a vengeful god, and comes not with peace, but with a sword"

Wrong Answer!/....

15, June 2010
Amsterdam, Holland

-_-F i n n e g a n