"I'm Not Afraid of The Dark"
# 99,

"Lightspeed into Endless Beauty"c

P h a s e    O n e; /T r a n s f o r m a t i o n
In the Sick Clouds     of Dark Denial
which seem    to paint     The World you see So Darkly
into the Halting     Inconsistant Reality you Percieve Uncertainly

The World     in tones of Death and Life to
You is nothing  but a Means to Achieve such Insanity
That what You want for Others with Your Hatred
You yourself cannot Tolerate
The Simple Fact that
All Your    Suffering and Misery stem
from The Hidden Belief
that You are Powerless

But You are only Mistaken in this;
You Are Powerless to
Stop The Coming of The Light/
Though You are Free    to Deny
Its Endless, Happy Radiance/In Favor of Your Misery
If You Like/..
But this is neither Sane,/ nor Advisable/Because
The Light has Come/The Light is Here
For You

The Walls You Build of Lies
Cannot Stop the Shining    of The Light/The Body       You Believe        
is you
Cannot Block       Creation’s Eternal Extension        of The Spirit
you Deny       is You/You Cannot Truly     Justify      Death      to the Spirit
Which Deathless,     knows      All Death      as untrue
And Which Sees, Undismayed     and Clearly          Through
The Foul Black Clouds of Guilt    You have woven Hatefully
Out of Dark Denial where
The Holy Altar of Truth
You Are
Hides Frightened in
Unbelievable Sickness and Chaos/Deceived
Only by The Lies You want to Believe are True/The Holy Spirit    of Love
Within You
Sees      with Unmistakable Clarity
What is True /and cannot See Anything Else…/The Holy Light     of Spirit
Awaits       for You/to re-make You       Beautiful and Clean/…

P h a s e    T w o ; / R e s u r r e c t i o n
Beautiful and Clean/   so made
Immaculate    in the Endless Rays      of Crystal Clear Perfection
Where You    have gladly left   All Perceptions
Laying    them aside in Quietness and    in Peace
While the Power     of the Endless Light     within You
Is Released to
Retranslate into Radiance       Everything      You
Think and Say and Do
So that a New      Healing Light      may Shine Peacefully
Within     what was made by You       without Love
To Enslave You       to a Dream of Death/Now , True Light can show You Clearly Death’s Senseless
Unreality/through your Own Fearless Will/with the Power of The Light/
That Death is just The Error
that Deceived You with its glittering Gifts of Lies/from the    Very Beginning     of Time/ Into Throwing Away
Eternal Knowledge
In Favor of Time
Which    has    no Meaning and    no Purpose
Other than to Enable You
To Constructively Use it     on Your Own Behalf     for Freedom
To Return
to The Timeless
where The Loving Light     which First Inspired You
with Universal Vision
                                             Ends     as     Your Perceptions Cease
and You    become at One
with Eternal Creation
as It Swiftly     Carries You
across The Holy Borderland of Resurrection      at Light speed
and Into the Beautiful Radiance      of Eternal Life/…..

P h a s e    T h r e e ; /T r a n s c e n d e n c e
Endless and Forever/ Released      and Purified     of All     Your Useless Little Senses/….
In the Seething Happiness    of Eternal Creation
You Stand
Illuminated and Awakening Joyously
Just Outside of Heaven/Weeping     for now All
The Music      You can hear faintly     where You are Flying     through Formless Freedom
Is so Inspiring and Beautiful
You Cry Tenderly   at Heaven’s Song
Sung by Its Resident Profusion     of Angels

And The      Fading Light of Time     binding You to Form
You Shed     without regret along with Your Body
Which begins to fold up neatly in Radiance    Behind You      in Silence…
Rolling Up like a carpet Behind You to
Disappear Forever
Out of Mind        as Sanity is Restored to It     and You/
And Then     You remember Happily      and at Long Last
With       the Light of Communication        that Created Your Mind
How    to speak Sweetly and Swiftly
To Heaven       with Love     Truth    and Beauty/
Asking it     Through the Universal Language       of Divine Abstraction to
Open Up       it’s endless Treasures and Gifts of Light
For You,      so You can give them All Away in Gratitude       to All The Children of
Heaven ,       whom You    Know Personally/Because as Precious
Part of Eternity
You Naturally want
To take    Your rightful Place      in The High Kingdom    of Eternal Light
As One of The Perfectly Created
And Divinely Blessed Children    of the Celestial Lord
of Bliss,      Beauty     and Power/…And   Your Heavenly Creator
Reaches out to You     in Love
So Inspiring
It Sweeps Away Forever      All Your Fearful Dreams     and Desires
In an Instant      of Perfect Recognition
That Your Heavenly Creator    has   Always Loved You
And has     Always called You

25, October 1999
Brooklyn, NYC.....................................................….Lightspeed into Endless Beauty copyright 2005 /...F i n n e g a n/…