"T h e_ P a s s i o n s__ o f__ M a n ." c.
I am
that all/that Call to Oneness/Thrusting fist
and twisting lips/My Word, my Honor/Calls to my
Reflected Selves/I am/that Man/I am/that
Man has the Shape of Heaven/shafts so Holy piercing round Him/
Holy Holes and Heated Halos/I am/I am/Ramming
Home with
Bones So Cold/
Taking Him the Love to
fold around Himself
in Times of Doubt/I am Mighty in
The Female/Mighty to the Shape of Birth/the Shapes
of Children Twisting Past/the speed/the pleasure/the speed/
and the Passions of Woman has taught me Something/the Endurance
of Evidence/this Bleeding Rain of Light/the Craving/the
itching for Darkness/the Hunger/the Faces of Ghosts
lost beside Me/alone../
Beside Me
He is Not/and the
Passions of Man has taught Me

13, March 1997
Washington Heights, New York City

From "I'm Not Aftaid of The Dark" # 17, The Passions of Man, copyright by

- -F i n n e g a n