"A__P r a y e r__I n__ T h e_ K i n g d o m__ o f__S a t a n " c.

is a Prayer______ For the Final Hour/...
For Our Lady of Steel Talons/I do not have a Vehicle../
The Mistress of Circumstances Beyond Our Control/...
Our Lady of Sweet Flowers/pray with Us/splattered in the blood of Christ/is seething
in Red Agonies____in this Prayer
For The Final Hour/Drawn Breath on Wind________Takes Angels Wings/
Through The Skin of Teeth/In Secrets Most Revealed/A Tongue Lashing's Light when
When We Pray/To The Motor/That Winds Up/To The Engine/that Turns
The Omnipotent Fiery Wheel of Heaven
Around and Around
Around and Around
These Black Clouds Circle the Sun's Fire and
Dresses The Light in Eternal Darkness/Black Silken Cottony Plugs/
which can be Said to Shimmer/which can be said to Glitter/with Constellations/
For Those In Need of Time and Space and Judgement/That Can Be Said to Trap Souls
in Dreaded Flesh/that can be said to Trap Spirit
In Rotting Meat/to Limit Desire/
There are no Cautions in Visual Wind of Terrifying Illusion

_____________________________This Universe is A Nightmare

to Drive My Mind
to Distraction ____In This Final Hour_____I Pray with The Angels/..

_______________We Fly From These Bodies

Whirling in dust, spinning, ____________in blue lights torn
from The Mathematical Construction of 3 Dimensional Forms/Whirling
from A Geometry of spinning Shapes Trapped
Spiraling Down the Blackest
Gravity Well of Time I got
the Hell out of here I said
to Our Lady of Steel Talons/...
_________________________She Smiles Silver Chills.....
On a Platitude of Sin and and Ounce of Guilt
Does Miracles For Masochists in Eternal Damnation
As Painful As It Feels
I Thrust My Hand into The Burning Petals of The Fiery Flowered Wreath
Christ Hangs on The Graves of My Ancestors/"Oh
can you see?/my country
tis of thee"?/
Molten Beasts are Bursting, and Begging,
They Lick My Hand/Shadow Creatures/Shining Features/In The Darklands where
I do not have a vehicle/I will not make one available/
In The Flesh/In This Mess
Our Cars have stalled/A Traffic Jam to Heaven/We Scream
Our Hearts are Black and Clogged With Terrors/Which Reek a Putrescent Aroma/...
Like death I fear
is now upon Us/I Sing With Fountains,
Sparkling Sunlight, Spilling Heaven from My Throat/..

It is The Beautiful Voices/..

I am Pain__________Released
and Sorrows Wiped
clean I
ask you

Lady of Flowers in Christ, His Mistress of Circumstances Beyond Our Control to
Accept This Gift
In My Torment/A Creation in
Forgiveness is Easier
When Freed from Breath
When Freed from Flesh
When Freed from Death I do not have The Keys to The Kingdom to
Drive My Engines Clean

1, May 1991
Lower East Side NYC, USA

from "I'm Not Afraid of The Dark" Collection of 21 Century Poems, A Prayer in The Kingdom of Satan, copyright, by

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