" I got Rage in Me"
You May Well
Ask Me/ Cracking Wise/"Why
Silly Negro/Why?/
Why is this poetry
So Angry?/Why
full of knife-like
Hatred/by design?

What have poor
Innocent White Folk
Ever Done
to Your
Bitter Black Behind ?/

How Dare You
Criticize Them
/When They,/,Like Me/
---------------------------------Unlike You,/
Are Obviously Beyond You

and Obviously
All Reproach/....

This means, if you Dare to speak out against
Wicked Whitey as The Establishment
and Prescribed Way of Doing Things
You Are Automatically
A SelfHating Nigger,/Who Needs to Stay Put Down
in His Filthy CrackWhoreGhettoPlace/
Underfoot and Uncle-Tomming Behind Every
Glorious Golden Haired White Master Like a
Brainless Nappyheaded Nigger-Clown-Slave/
Who only sometimes
needs a
really good fucking
skin stripping
whipping for discipline/
them unruly Uppity Niggers
are just them richly
Wild Untrained Niggers who just have never sufficiently
felt the righteous bite
and sting of
The Mighty White Master's Raging

do you think?/ Why do
I hate and trash you
like filth
Wicked Whitey?/ I aint got no respect for you
Hateful RedNeck Honkey/,
plain and simple

Cause you Aint got No Respect
For What's
at all those Cosmopolitan
Damn Arrogant
Lamely Playing The Hollywood Game of

Rich and Famous     Holy White Hero
Rides into TinselTown Again
and on Yet
Another Fucking White Horse/Chal, Please!/Take
that Lame DisneyBullshit
Out My Face!/

Trying to Test My Patience
Making Shitty Ass
Art DecoBullshit Societies
with the same simple
Bullshit Subtext ;
,              "Look at How Gleaming White
                                            and Pretty I am"/

And I say
Fuck That Bullshit

"Look at How Pissed off
        and Black
I am!

You Hoity-Toity Honkies
publish all that Stink-Pussy
artsy fartsy
propoganda rich
white crap
with no feeling, emotion or compassion/or overlap/
thats real,
then condemn Me for taking My Authentic Anger
and Everything Else Emotional
which Anyone can feel
and making Useful Connstructive Art
of it??

What constructive thing Do You
with your anger? Employ and Abuse
Black Nannies and Maids?/
Whine about nothing on CNN?/Or
To Any of The Bitching Old White Talking Heads
on The Cable TV News?/Complain
about it to your
Raging White Bitch Friends? /Boohoo!/
I stubbed my little toe?/BooHoo/
I chipped and broke my nail, BooHoo/l
What a Tragedy!/

Uh, what did The News say again?/ Wild Homeless Nigger
Rapes and
Slays Respected White Woman
in the Subway?

What a Tragedy!/

And Good Morning America!/How
Are You?/And How Do We Feel about
New Orleans
These Days?/
Uh, well./ Mostly Black People,
you know, Homeless Street and Stray Niggers
died and drowned
during wave after wave
of Mighty Hurricane

What a Comedy!/

So Who Cares
Next Time Let The Natural
Holy Wrath of God
Strike All Around the Coasts of Africa
and exterminate
the Global Negro Infestation
where it started,/...

Wouldnt Life be Just That Much
bettter/ if We
all went back to the Golden Olden Days
of Black Slavery
When Every Nigger Knew
their rightful place/

and dare not write such Angry
In Your Face
such as this?/(And
How the Bloody Hell
are those Cheeky Niggers even getting away
with this poetry
in the first place?)/

Cause Clever Whiteys
Way Back When
wanted their Resident Slave Niggers
not speaking Swahilli, but also
uneducated and unable to properly read and write in
the language they were expected
to communicate
to the master white people in./

So whats the poetic point
of This Exhausting Rant of Spoken Word
You trying to say
here with all this bitter

Tell you Exactly What Miss

uppity white editor
of bland
poetry about

Fuck All/....

I got Rage in Me/Black
Rage/Blazing Black Rage
at Your Wimpy White Injustice
runs Deep/Your backbiting
Bitching White Outrage
will never match and defeat
on a fair intellectual stage
The Brilliant Black Rage I
got blazing
in Me/Bitch/
I am an over-achiever
by Design

and I have to be
to do anything right
in Your Lame CompetitionBasedversionofSociety/So
if you can't feel me
then You can just
Fuck off/IBut if
You Can/Respect/Respect
My Mocking
Hostility and Cynicism
at Sacred Cows of Convention
the Same Way
You Respect and Revere
The very Idea and Notion
of Debate/

And Quit Trying to Reason through
and hold out for
Universal Popularity
and Fame
Which is an Illusion anyway./

Hollywood doesn't know
Jackshit./Certainly I dont turn to it
for spiritual
hope and guidance/

I dont expect to be
popular mainstream
which I despise anyway
when I got rage in me
so pure and clean.
which blasts
white    bullshit    propaganda
clean      away./

But I know the Honest Power of My Rage
and I own it openly/ not treating it as a embarrassing source
of endless guilt and blame,
reserved for secrecy and shame /better
Out, Honest and Open
And Kept Real/With Emotions/Not
Deeply Denied, Avoided and
Repressed/Better Out Than In/Better
than massive
passive agressive
bitching and whining
about nothing via
time-wasting bullshit/

What do you do constructive with
your whiny
white rage


Masturbate and Bust a
big Cherry or
a Nut
to M and M?/I bet/You
sleazy fucking Buttslut -Culture
of vampiric liars and thieves/You
aint all that/So Pasty White
You all Look All Dead and Diseased/
Picture Me
Really trying honestly to glorify
that Ghoulish Narccisstic
Elephantine Crap/
You dont have nothing
Historically to even
Proud of Except

Your Breathtaking Delusional
Vain Bullshit
and Ingeniously Employed Savagery/You Put Even the Most Brutal Creatures
of Nature
to shame with how you
treat each other/
Hiroshima/(and other such unspeakable
unsung historical atrocities)

Why do you try control '
oppress and
condemn me
for daring to open
the honest floodgates
of My Rage/to Dare and
Turn In Honesty
to My Rage/And Examine It
and fucking let it bleed
pure, real and
clean from Me/You sick, repressed
white freaks?/What Exactly is
Your Real
Beef With Me?/

I know/I aint totally
fucking stuck on stupid
/I channel
My Seething Rage
and Anger wisely/and
with a Passion/to But Employ it to

Tell The Naked Truth/


This is one Nigger who
Knows Only
He is Free/Free
to Say What He Thinks/Free
to feel What He Deeply Feels/Free
to Do as He Sees
Fair and Fit/Free

to create Adult Art without limits and lame   restrictions of speech
as if I were   still only two   or three/
and stuck with some backwater
religious nuts and freaks./You think I
am gonna let White Hatred tell Me
what I can
and cannot do?/Dream On
Honky./You Think I
am gonna
let Your Weakling-White sense of frailty
pride, and offense
stop me from speaking
loving and doing as I think

Celebrate freedom/
of mind, heart
and speech/by tasting
with me
the rich heady nectar
of My Sweet
Honest Outrage at
All Racism/SomeDay

you gonna be Aping Me/Whitey,


You gonna be

free of your own ignorant
self loathing chains and pain when
you lose your fear
of the Rage
I got
in Me/

At You/
you Old White Fools/

and your arrogant
World Raping Ways/Fuck You
Self Centred
Famously Wealthy
LipServiceCelebrity Honkies/

For Wasting Black Energy and Lives
along the way up/
in the Futile Conflicting
SystemFlaw called

the lame idea of
High Society/Fuck
Your Wimpy White
Castrating Need
to stomp down my passion
and dumb down my brains
with insipid flowers and birds and
other metaphorical horseshit
which has made
all your vain self-flattering
limpdick efforts
and Have You then
turn around and
call that tepid boring, emotionless bullshit
poetryFuck You!./Fuck your
glaring lack of heart and soul and fuck
your pathetic lack of taste
and content./

Arrogance and Vanity
has Blinded you to the
Very Concept of Content/
in your Mad Conquest For
Worldy Recognition and Fame/in a Lame
Fixed Game of
Your Way to
the top, right
white bastards and bitches?
Just like a Wild Fucking Lower Animal, right?

And just who Made it Like That,
Rigged the Playing Field Like That
In the First Fucking Place

and I may tell you/why
I just
might'/,Arrogant Caucasion
I may
clue you in
on Why/

I got Rage
in Me/and why
I'm in Pain/Hear Me
Bitch Ass Whiteys/Feel
My Sting/
You Lame
Honky Ass
Control Freaks/

is Living/
This Buried Truth
I see
about Modern Racism /
which I can make
Ingeniously Delightfuly
Nasty Poetry/and Intellecual Mincemeat oft/is Painful
and Ugly/if
you''re a deluded greedy
spoiled white consumer of today/
or you''re a secret
Nigger Hating Racist/

This Buried Truth
Hurts./Especially Me

Who Bears it
So Painfully
Dont be Afraid
of it/Try to ask yourself
why is
it even there
in the first place?/Why?

Cause You Still
dont Understand Why?/Cause You Still
Dont understand Why?/Cause
You still dont
Understand Why/

I got Rage In Me/....

19, June 2010
Amsterdam, Holland

-_-F i n n e g a n