" Satan's Pleasure."

Uh--excuse me There, Boldly Marching Christian Soldiers,
but how do you know
exactly whom it is
God Hates?/And When was it Exactly When God put You
Sexually Repressed Control Freaks
In Charge
of Salvation from The Cross of Jesus
for Everyone?/
What are all you noisy
unhappy people doing here, anyway?/Its 3AM?!/
No this is not a good time to speak-- /and who are you all like
supposed to be? /The Heavenly Creator's little personal asisstants
or something?/ Well, Your PR Sucks! /Okay, I have to ask You
once again/Why do you assign God with the ability
to hate anything?/ If You're Suppose to Love and Respect God,
'how does God's Hatred make Any Sense to you? /
You think God is capable of such unremarkable weaknesses
and sick human frailty?/ Fancy That! God, Prey to ,
and at the Complete Mercy of
Human Fear?,/ Human Pride,? /Human Jealousy?/ Does that
Truly Sound Like God Almighty?/An Old White Man
with a Beard called
Father Time?/Yeah, Right./..

Why do you call yourselves God Fearing, anyway? What's Up
With that? '/How the Hell Do You Expect Anyone To Get With That
Lame Coo Coo Bullshit?/ How do You Expect Anyone to
to Join You
in Your Fictional Self Created Terror of
Your so called Creator?/ If I am so suppose to be so
afraid of Your God,
then why the Bloody Hell should I pray to Him to help me with anything?/
Seems Like a Rather Useless Idea/ to Me and My Way Sound
Way of Thinking/Sure, I see
The Big Pink Elephants with You, Irish Heavenly Father/
Sure!/Are You Totally Insane? /
And Do You Wish Everyone to Bow Down
with you in unholy Horror and Madness at Life/in constant Fear of the Future?/
and God's Holy Wrath waiting there?/
Does this frightul doctrine continue to truly justify the Atrocity of Spirit
You continue to dole out Like God's Fucking Gift,
parading it so Self Importantly
around under a stern and loveless
Mask of Snide Self Righteousness?/

Good God, People! Are You Stupid Sheep asleep in the brain, or what?/
Show Me the Money, GodDamnit,
Look at How Rich The Church Is getting off of you, you fools/Wake Up,
and Look at what you've really done, /really become/
You are Not Christians Anymore,/
Not Preaching Hatred, You arent/Whatever that hateful,
confused self defeating nonsense you are practicing in the name of Christianity is
Its Certainly Not Christian anymore/That's for sure!./
but you are Definitely The Evil Willing Prostitutes and Easy Sleazy Whores of Babylon,
Funded by the Worlds Oldest
Multinational Corporation
The Insanely Wealthy Catholic Church/.
Who Knows What Evil Secrets Lurk
In the Vaults of The Vatican/
or If Someday, the Pope won't again amass enough power to
Begin Global Holy Exterminations?
Like Back in the glorious Old Days of SuperPsychoChristianity
and World Domination/
Yes, Why Dont all We Christian Hate Groups Turn the Clock Back
to the Merry Midevil Blood-Thirsty Old Days/
When There Were Public Hangings, /Brutal Tortures for Mad Confessions,/
and Sensational Witch Burnings/
All Sactioned By the Pope
who is usually A Classic
Insanely Sexually Repressed
Young-Boy-Molester and Flaming Closet Queen
Uh yeah, I am so sure God Just Loves
What you Mad FuckWitted Jesus Freaks are doing
Putting All your Sweaty Emphasis On the Form and Structure of the Bible
But never Upon the Content,/ Always your typical
tragic mistake and problem/Let's Examine the Bible Honestly
for a moment/Shall We?/..

The so called Holy Bible is Full
of glaring contradictions and mistakes/,
is most probably written by Man/, and not By God,/
and is therefore, if you really think about it, entirely suspect/
and Your Holy Bible Has Been Twisted
and Tampered with
For Centuries now to'But to Justify
White Domination,/ Black Slavery/,Homosexual Oppression/
and ArchConserative Political Domination and Control/

It seems to me you all you hateful religious hypocrites
are the Apple of The Devil's Eyes
with all the confusion, hatred and lies you;ve spread
getting rich off raiding tombs of the ancient dead,
like Indiana Jones Gone Clone and Ghoul/,
and then brainwashing and enslaving
some drunken broken down Indian chiefs and rowdy nigger slaves
and trying to lamely appease thier cheap nigger ancestors
justifying wiping out entire indigenous human populations
by raping, hating and then invading
their glorious tropical nations/And transforming These Stolen Lands
Centuries Later into Raging White Racists' Paradise/Glorious Subtropical Nations
that you envy and hate them--./ and call them Naked Nigger Savages for
and are even willing to rape and rob and slay them in a heartbeat for/,
in a self righteous
so called Zealous Christian Missionary Services Rendered
to Africa, Asia, Hawaii and Austraila/
To Teach Those Poor Backwards Island Gooks
and Wild Jungle Niggers
to Be Grateful for Being shown
The White and Righteous European Ways of a Christian God/spreading
Everywhere On African and Pacific Island Soil/Like A Nasty Disease and Plague/
while also Underhandedly Getting Insanely Rich
off those dumb witless niggers
by continuing to use them for easy and cheap labour
on the side/For Centuries of Hatred and Disrespect/
And For Centuries of Hatred and Racism to Come Nigh/
Yeah Right/..
Christ's Treasure?/
Satan's Pleasure
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15 June,2010
Amsterdam, Holland

-_-F i n n e g a n