"Sleazy Bimbos of the World, Unite!"

"You Cheap Hookers
aint Fooling Me!/

You're Selliog White Ass,
You're always Selling Whte Ass

to me./..

Ass I cant really afford if its so Vain,
White and Nasty
Like It Always Seems to Be..
(now Why is that?)/

Bitch, gonna Scatch Out Your Eyes
unless you keep it real!
Keep it fucking real, bitch!
Keep it real

with me!/..

Sleazy Fucking Brown Nosing Black Bimbos!/

You selling Black Ass
You always selling
Black Ass

to me./

And just what makes You think
I Always want to see

your funky black pussy
up in my face?/

Did it ever once occur
to your Vain Black Ass
I just might need
a break (sometimes)
from All Your Ball-busting, Gold-Digging Bullshit,
and that maybe I would turn even
to sucking dick myself,/..

just to Get Away from your Legendary Treachery
You Evil Black Bitch, You??

The worst Shameless Cocksucking aint Nothing
compared to you, You hateful

Black Fucking Cunt!/..

not even close./..

unless its like
only me, the only bimbo left standing here
amazed at our all our cool toys and powers
I think we should

Like all join forces and stuff,
It'll be cool, we can like Mesmermize Them All
with our rosy
glowing pussies, Meow!/..

and beat those goddamned Wifebeating Losers
at their own stupid macho game!/

We know,
as we have Always Known that

Dick is dangerous,
yet stupid, and predictable

and Must Be Treated
at All Times
with Kid Gloves./

(because We all know, deep down, what a flacid floppy ego
Dick really has!)

Think you Nasty Whores are up for the job today? I think so/

The world is just filled with
So Many Nasty Pricks who
just need a good fuck anyway!

come on Girls,/..

Sleazy Bimbos of the World Unite!/..

The World is
a cold, cruel

and The Rent
is Due.../"

27 August 2007/Amsterdam, Holland

Nasty Little Creatures # 24 copyright 2007 - - - - - F i n n e g a n